Pistoia Underground is a magical museum tour. Magic and secret, which not everyone knows.

Pistoia Underground winds for about 700 meters below the surface of the beautiful city of Pistoia, and begins with a visit to the anatomical amphitheater .

Here a long time ago, ten students attended lessons of medicine, analyzing a body, sets to the center of the room, with their Professor.

The tour continues to the next room where is situated the room of Filippo Pacini Medical Academy. Here you can admire numerous surgical instruments from the 18th and 19th centuries, preserved perfectly.

Through the hallways of the hospital you go into the basement. And it is from this moment that the feeling of curiosity, we will gradually and inexorably stronger.

Here is where once flowed the river Brana. The hospital was built right above the river. Maps inside show the Pistoia underground halls and lanes lying over our head. The path will be shown not only maps, but also prepared guides in detail will make us understand the magic of the place we’re visiting.

The River was the place where the hospital, at the time, threw the rubbish. But, the same waterway, it was also the place where women were washing clothes. You’ll understand how the propagation of epidemics was inevitable.

The path then continues underground below the Mill Street where you can see parts of sixteenth-century wheel of amedieval windmill. This mill was bought from the hospital to produce needed oil to the Pharmacy and to sell a part to individuals thus obtaining money for the widening of the structure. The water that flowed below was diverted when needed to the mill.

At one point the guide will tell you to lower your head: you arrived in Piazza San Lorenzo, the lower area of the underground. The continuous walkway beneath the houses where there were washrooms and where women were washing with water of the stream (where the hospital threw waste) ash-enriched. Then we arrive at battiferro mill, which produced agricultural implements up to 40 years. From here you will see a small window from where men overlooked to control work of the wheel. By proceeding you will in the remains of the Convento delle Convertite, with sharp and elegant arches, remnants of the civic Tower, San Lunardo port and Bridge (Via San Marco area).

The path ends in Piazza San Lorenzo. It emerges on the surface from ladders near the mill battiferro, where you are before you go outside, you can admire the modern washrooms.

We have photographed and visited this museum. For us it was a wonderful experience, a real find.

The advice to visit this magical place, is quite obvious.



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