Christmas in Florence

Take Florence, with its Renaissance buildings, its elegant streets, its priceless works of art. Now add Christmas, with its endless lights, decorated Windows, people maybe more carefree, wrapped the famous Christmas atmosphere.

The result is more than magic

Photographically speaking, offers unforgettable views and trick of the light that few cities in the world may propose to the eyes of the people.

Christmas in Florence is not the title of a “cine-panettone”, but only a beautiful reality.

“Enjoy” this little photo essay; between Palazzo Vecchio, Santa Croce, and Giotto’s Campanile, you will be enchanted.

Enchanted Christmas, as every day of the year in Florence.

Happy holidays with your families.

Oh I forgot. How to read a billboard in Piazza Duomo in Florence, we would also recommend us to be selfish at Christmas and generous all the year.


Alberto Bruni

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